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The perfect accessory for socially distant networking

The perfect accessory for socially distant networking

If you’d said to us 12 months ago that “Contactless Business are going to be big news in 2020” we would have taken some serious convincing, but lone behold here we are, showcasing a recent contactless business card project we completed for Suffolk based West View IT.

2020 has thrown up some challenges we weren’t expecting to face any time soon, but all of a sudden being able to give someone your number without handling a business card or them mishearing your details as you try and speak through a face covering is actually a really good idea.

West View IT decided that they wanted to make use of the same RFID technology used for contactless debit cards to create a contactless business card. Simply tap or hover the card over your smart phone and you’ll be prompted to save the holders details as a new contact. What could be simpler?

The design features the full West View IT colour palette as well as spot UV varnish, so they grab your attention even before you’ve showcased how clever they are.

To find out more about contactless business cards, get in touch.