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New Estate Agency launches in North Essex

New Estate Agency launches in North Essex

The team at GCD would like to wish Irina Coltart and her team all the best for the official launch of Irina Coltart Property as they pick up the keys for their new office.

At the start on February we were tasked with creating a responsive and instantly recognisable brand, that put the customer experience at the core of everything it does – and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved in a short space of time.

We undertook research into the competition within the North Essex area to ensure the brand features an instantly recognisable colour palette. The logo itself features an abstract wheel icon that is inspired by the Coltart coat of arms and suggests movement, or more specifically that Irina and her team can “get you moving”.

It’s been a pleasure, and as I’m sure you can imagine we’ve got lots to show you in the coming weeks, but here’s a little teaser. Keep your eyes peeled for those sale boards around North Essex.