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John O’Connell

John O’Connell

Helping a construction company build relationships with potential clients


The Client

John O’Connell is an Essex based builders seeking high-end projects and a correlated client base. Offering a broad spectrum of services from new builds to renovations John O’Connell works collaboratively with clients to maintain a friendly, professional relationship that ensures customer satisfaction.
Working alongside the client’s marketing agency, TWI, we sought a creative solution to engage with potential clients and inspire them to contact John O’Connell for any future building projects.

The Brief

• Team up with TWI to create a modern, aspirational lifestyle magazine to showcase projects
• Subtle use of the existing John O’Connell brand

The Solution

We initially considered producing a top-quality brochure but decided that a lifestyle magazine would be more engaging and memorable. By using predominantly image-based layouts we were able to showcase work and demonstrate understanding of current trends and solutions. Clean and simple typography ensured we did not detract from the images’ messaging and the magazine produced was distributed to exclusive venues across the area as well as sent to potential customers. Feedback shows that it became a staple coffee table publication in many homes.


• Magazine


Case Study, Construction


28th January 2021