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Oystermen Gin

Oystermen Gin

Smooth sailing for the launch of a new gin brand


The Client

Launched in June 2020, the Oystermen Gin brand was inspired by a love for the Essex coastline shared by the brand’s creators, retired businessmen with a passion for gin and a desire to create a new unique gin. Under the parent company 3 Amigo Artisan Spirits Ltd, Oystermen gin is infused with oyster leaf (a flowering sea plant that grows in cold climates around the shores of the UK), a hint of Spanish lemon and a twist of Japanese sansho pepper, which bring a smooth and distinct flavour profile to this gin.

The people behind Oystermen gin live on and love the Essex coastline, which is famed for its oysters, and it is important to them that the brand celebrates and supports local businesses, professionals and artists. Melding the passion for the locality, its rugged beauty and its nautical connections, with the quality of this distinctive gin and the company values provided GCD with an exciting branding challenge.

The Brief

• Create a brand that stood out in a competitive marketplace.
• Include the “Pioneer at Sea” artwork of local artist James Dodds, and the words of local poet Martin Newell’s “The North Sea” on the bottle label artwork
• Bring a natural nautical feel to the brand

The Solution

Creating this brand was a real pleasure for everyone involved in the project. We all felt like stakeholders in the success of the launch of Oystermen Gin and we played around with different ideas before we settled on what we now consider to be the perfect representation of the company, its product, mission and values and its fundamental identity.

From a colour perspective, we chose an eye-catching colour scheme inspired by traditional fishermen waterproofs, and to provide a more natural tactile surface we used uncoated stock on all printed material. We created a bottle illustration inspired by James Dodds’ “Pioneer at Sea” and use hand-drawn ingredient illustrations to add depth to the brand.

Despite launching at a very challenging time for everyone connected with the hospitality industry Oystermen gin has been well received and is growing in popularity. We’re pleased to be connected with such a prestigious new company and have received extremely positive branding feedback.


• Logo & Brand Identity
• Bottle Labels
• Serving Suggestion Post Cards
• Beer Mats
• Posters
• Business Cards
• Certificates


Case Study, Food & Beverage


25th January 2021